A Message from God through a Butterfly

~ Spread your wings and soar, like a butterfly. ~

As I was working outside today, I saw a butterfly; a beautiful butterfly, fluttering and flying around near me. 

I immediately stopped what I was doing to watch it. When it landed on a flower, I took the opportunity to attempt to take a photo. I expected it to fly away suddenly, but when as I inched closer, it didn’t even flinch. It was almost as if it was staring at me, curious and amused. 

Right as I took the photo, it spread its wings, and as suddenly as it had landed, it took flight. 

I finished my work, then I set my attention back to the photo. 

I had been pondering for the last few days on what I should write about. It’s like God knew that I was having trouble with figuring out what to write, so he gave an idea to share with you, and 

A message from God through a butterfly:

You have so much potential! You can’t wait around for your dreams to magically come true. You have to “take flight”, and work hard to achieve what God for your life.

Pray over your dreams… Pray that God will lead you on the right path. 

Lastly, don’t let life’s obstacles keep you from soaring. You were made to grow as a caterpillar, and then take flight as a butterfly! Nothing can stop you from flying, unless you allow it to. 
Now, spread your wings and soar!! 

I know this message was “short and sweet”, but I’ve learned that sometimes, you don’t have to say, or in this case write, a lot. You can often say more in just a few words, than in a rambling speech or paragraph. 

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