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Disclaimer: I am an Amazon Associate (I participate in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program). If you click on a link I post and buy the product, I may receive a small commission..

All content posted on YOUniquely His is my intellectual property. Basically what it comes down to is, if you want to share, say, a photo of mine, or quote me, that’s fine, but I need you to give me credit. I have spent a lot of time creating this blog (I’m sure you have spent a lot of time and put a lot of effort into many things in your life and will understand) and I appreciate your respect of my property.

Limitation of Liability
If there becomes a time that there is an error or omission on my blog, I am not liable for this. I will do my best to change and correct the mistake, but as you already know, I am only human. Also, I am not liable for any unacceptable behavior (bad language, harassment, and offensive comments) in the comment section, but, as I put up above, these types of comments are unacceptable to write on this blog site. If anyone posts inappropriate comments, they will be deleted and I will assess any damage, such as, if someone else is offended or hurt, I will reach out to them and see what I can do to help. Additionally, I want to add that I am in no way a professional, so the tips I post on this blog I am not liable for. I would never post anything without extensive research on the topic and until I feel I understand the topic enough to write on it, but I am not liable nor do I promise the results that, say a trainer or doctor would promise. For example, if I post about tips on natural ways to cure a headache, I will promise that my words will come from honesty and wanting to help you all, BUT I cannot promise that the results will work for you.


If anyone abuses my policies, I have every right to block them, delete their comments, etc.

Privacy Policy
This just let’s you know that when you leave a comment, your email address is being collected. I will never sell or give your information to anyone else.

Governing Law
I am blogging from North Carolina in the United States of America. This is the law that will apply.

Links to other websites
In some posts, I may give you guys a link to another website or article that relates to that post. I am not responsible for what is on their website and you need to read their terms and conditions.

Most all of the pictures on this blog are either taken by me, edited in an app called Over (http://madewithover.com), or both – taken by me and the text added in Over. I will specify if a photo was taken by someone else or not mine.

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