Kate Hendrick Interview

Kate Hendrick Interview

Stumbling Toward Sainthood

Question 1

Q: Tell me a little bit about yourself.

A: I graduated from college about a year ago and have been working full-time as a process engineer since then. I am married, and in my free time, I enjoy reading, crafting, and hiking.

Some may consider me a “cradle Catholic” because I grew up in a Catholic family. However, I didn’t really start taking my faith seriously until the second half of my time in college. I did a lot of researching and questioning as well as growing spiritually.

One of the challenges I had was feeling like I was so “unholy” compared to other people due to past mistakes and struggling with fully living my faith. Though I certainly am still growing, I want to offer others support as we all strive to be more Christ-like. Being a Christian is challenging, but the destination and the One waiting for us is worth it. This is what inspired my blog.

Stumbling Toward Sainthood addresses a wide range of topics that may be “stumbling blocks” for Christians. I’ve written on feminism, understanding the Bible, struggling with a Church teaching, and dealing with a chronic illness (just to name a few).


Question 2:

Q: I am interested in learning more about your personal thoughts on Catholicism.

A:  I am so glad you asked this question! I wasn’t always a devout Catholic. I went through a lengthy period of questioning and learned the basics of other faiths. When it came to Christianity, I had attended other denominational services growing up. Between my freshman and sophomore year of college, some of my co-workers really challenged my faith. They claimed that Catholics weren’t really Christian. This led me to research what the Catholic Church actually taught and gave me more confidence in my faith.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of misconceptions on what Catholics actually believe. As a Christian, I do desire one, holy, catholic (when the c is lowercase, it means universal), apostolic Church. This has led me to look at some of the differences in beliefs between the different denominations of Christianity. To me, it seems like so many of the perceived differences actually come from a misunderstanding of what each denomination believes are slightly different terminology. One of my best friends is Protestant, and her church actually held anti-Catholic panels. Once we sat down and talked about some of her oppositions to Catholicism, she realized that she had actually been given some misinformation about what Catholics believe.

There are so many things I love about Catholicism! Explaining why I love the Catholic faith would be rather lengthy so I’ll keep it short for now and saying it is a beautiful blend of rationality and an intimate relationship with Christ.

If you (or your readers) have any questions about Catholicism, please feel free to reach out to me. I love talking Catholic Church teaching.

Question 3:

Q: Who is someone that you look up to, and why?

A: This is super cheesy, but I really admire my husband Ben. His love of God and strong faith are my favorite characteristics about him. I feel like he sets a great example of what it means to be a Christian, and he really encourages me to grow in my own relationship with God.

For a less cheesy answer, I’ll say Abby Johnson. She is a former director of Planned Parenthood and is now a major pro-life advocate. She focuses on sharing the truths about abortion and genuinely cares about women who are seeking abortion and those who work in the abortion industry. She is an amazing example of what it really means to be pro-life, and I think her life is a testimony to the redeeming love of Christ.

Question 4

Q: Let’s say that one day you’re walking on the street and you hear someone crying. You go up to them and you say: (What would you say, why would you say it, and in what other ways could you, non-verbally, comfort this person?)
A: This is an interesting question for me because I am actually a major introvert. I think I would first ask if they were OK. I think that would help assess if it was physical pain (therefore I need to get help) or emotional. I imagine that if it was a stranger, their default response might be that they’re fine even if they aren’t. In that case, I would ask if there was someone I could call for them and ask if there was something I could do. I think a good way to comfort them while respecting personal space is to just look them in the eye while talking to them.

Question 5 

Q: How has your walk with God impacted your life?
A: The first thing that comes to mind is the word hope. When I look at the differences between my life before I was committed to my faith and after, I don’t see much of a difference externally. In some ways, I think my life is actually more difficult. However, I find that the better my relationship is with God, the easier it is for me to handle what life throws at me. I know that God has allowed it to happen so it is for my good in one way or another. I find meaning in the bad. I feel loved.

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