Life’s Journey: To your Sunset

Life’s Journey: To your Sunset
From sunrise to sunset, let the LORD’s name be praised! The LORD is high over all the nations; God’s glory is higher than the skies! Who could possibly compare to the LORD our God? God rules from on high.
Psalm 113:3-5

It’s sunrise: The birth of another day, just like the birth of a child. We often don’t take the time to see a sunrise nor do we allow it’s breathtaking beauty to hold us captive in that moment.

We then wake up and start working on the tasks that lie before us that day. The day is a journey, full of obstacles and accomplishments.

Then, finally, its sunset: the death of that particular day, just like when we die, which will happen to us all one day. Just like the sunrise, we often don’t take the time to see a sunset, nor do we allow it’s breathtaking beauty to hold us captive in that moment.

We, too easily, forget and take for granted the miracle of a sunrise and a sunset. When I look at the beginning of my day and when I was born, all I see is overwhelming hope. There is so much hope for the future and for what God is going to accomplish in my day and in my life. When I look at the journey of my day and life, I see hope, but I also see strength. It takes strength to get through life, and to face the obstacles each day brings. Finally, when I look at the end of my day and when I will die, I see hope, strength, and peace. Every night, I try to find peace, even after a tough and hectic day. I hope that when I die, I will be able to have all three. I want to say that I still have hope in God and everlasting life in heaven. I also pray that I will have strength to work through whatever issues I may face towards the end of my life. Then, I would want to have peace in my heart as I left this world and went to heaven. HOPE, STRENGTH, and PEACE

Of course, it takes time to have hope, to become stronger, and to find peace. That is what the journey is all about.

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– Jasmine

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