Lo Tanner Interview

Lo Tanner Interview

Question 1 

Q: Tell me a little bit about yourself… This is the perfect time to add anything you want my readers to know about you and your blog.

A: Hey there, everyone! I’m Lo and blog at Mrs. Lo Tanner where I provide guidance and encouragement for women who aim to keep their relationship with Jesus at the core of their life and relationships; specifically dating and marriage relationships. Those are two areas that are very close to my heart. I’ve seen and experienced the turbulence that can come from being in relationships that don’t recognize or imitate the God-inspired love we are called to give. I’ve also experienced the healing that comes when we choose to love the way God designed love to work, which is so different from what the world tells us. My heart is to teach women how to recognize and give God-inspired love, and how to set boundaries that will protect them from the hurt that comes from living outside of that design.

I’m married going on six years and am a mom of three. I love people and am big on family. At any given moment you can find me laughing, singing, or writing. In fact I just finished an ebook that is launching June 13th. It’s called “Simple & Sweet” and it’s for women who want to strengthen their relationship with Jesus by learning to study His Word (the Bible). If I’m not doing any of those things when you see me, you’ll probably find me just being a kid with my kids.

Question 2
Q: In your opinion, what is the best thing, the most challenging thing, and one thing
you’ve learned, regarding marriage?

A: You know, I think the best thing about marriage is always having someone to share things with. That get’s harder to do as your family grows. But I there is nothing more encouraging and exciting to me than knowing that at the end of the day I have someone to share my life with.

The most challenging thing has been learning to love even when the “butterflies” aren’t there. And learning to show love in a way that my husband receives it best. There are days when simply just don’t feel lovey dovey. And if you live by the world’s standards it only makes sense to not display or act on love if you don’t feel it. But if you live by God’s standards He shows us all over the Bible that love is an intentional choice, and not controlled by our feelings. It’s an action word, not simply an emotion. So learning to act based on my commitment to love, and not simply my feelings; some days that’s a challenge.

One thing I’ve learned – I kind of hinted at it before, but one thing I have had to recognize and really absorb is that love is displayed in our actions, and we all display and interpret those actions differently. For me to show my husband that I love Him beyond just the butterfly feelings, I had to learn what actions he interprets as love and find ways to do those things often. Gary Chapman does an excellent job of breaking this down in his book the 5 Love Languages. In fact if you go to his website there’s a questionaire that will walk you through the basics of the love languages and help you identify yours and your spouse’s. Understanding how your spouse receives love, and walking that out, is going to be foundational in your marriage.

Question 3
Q: I saw on your blog that you are a bookworm. I was wondering, what is the most inspirational Christian book that you’ve read, and why?

A: Most definitely “Culture of Honor” by Danny Silk. That book rocked my soul. I was literally in tears within the first chapter after reading his account of two (Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry) students testimonies. It painted such an incredible picture of unquenchable and life-changing love in the middle of a pretty controversial and messy situation. It’s really a powerful story and it showed me what honor looks like through God’s eyes. And completely transformed the way I look at people inside the church body and also those who have yet join. It touched close to home for me.

Question 4
Q: Let’s say that one day you’re walking on the street and you hear someone crying. You go up to them and you say: (What would you say, why would you say it, and in what other ways could you, non-verbally, comfort this person?)

A: I would probably ask them how I could help. I’d sit with them for a moment. Or stand. Whatever level they were at, I’d meet them there and take that time to just be kind. Sometimes people just need a little kindness in their lives, whether it be a listening ear, a hug, someone to talk with, or a prayer. Sometimes we just need someone to sit there and be present with us. I think time is one of the greatest gifts a person could give.

Question 5
Q: How has your walk with God impacted your life?

A: It’s changed everything. I don’t think you can have a relationship with God and it not change you. At the very least it challenges me. I see how God loves me and all my imperfections and it makes me want to replicate that love. I want to see people how He does, and live in a way that would make Him proud. It’s so similar to marriage in a way. When you get married you want to be someone that your spouse loves, and adores, and is proud of. You do the things you do hoping that in some small way it honors them. And you want to bring light to the amazing person that they are, and the amazing qualities they have. That’s my goal when it comes to my walk with God. I want everything I do to point back to Him and His goodness; His love.

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