Manda Carpenter Interview

Manda Carpenter Interview

Manda Carpenter is such an inspiring person, and before I share the interview, I want to share about her #MonthlyLettersOfEncouragement. This ministry allows people who need encouragement to ask for it, and they receive a letter in the mail from someone who wants to encourage and uplift them. How awesome is that?! Here is the link to that page on her website:
Now, on to the interview:

Question 1

Q:  Tell me a little bit about yourself…

A: My name is Manda. I married E at the age of 23. We live in Chicago. I love Jesus and doughnuts and talking fast. I believe there isn’t a single person we wouldn’t love if we knew their story. I use my blog to share stories and shed light on REAL life because impressing is exhausting and we could all use some real on our screens.


Question 2

      Q: Who is someone that inspires you and why?

      A: There are so many people who inspire me! From the doorman who works at my apartment complex here in the city to my husband to every President we have ever had…they each inspire me in their own ways. The biggest inspiration overall is when I see someone unashamed to be themselves and courageous enough to do things with the God-given talents they have.



Question 3

       Q: What is one challenge you have faced in your life that you look back on and say, “God got me through that.”

       A: So many! The first one that comes to mind is when I first began to date my husband. There was a lot of drama, the loss of friendships, a long distance between us since I was overseas, etc. God really provided clarity and peace during a very rough season in my life.


Question 4

Q: Let’s say that one day you’re walking on the street and you hear someone crying. You go up to them and you say: (What would you say, why would you say it, and in what other ways could you, non-verbally, comfort this person?)

    A: Funny thing is, this happened last night! I walked up to a girl crying on the sidewalk outside of our apartment and asked, “Can I help you somehow?” She ended up saying that she would be fine and that there was nothing I could do, but thanked me for stopping anyway. I believe that we can comfort people through words of encouragement, a helping hand, directing them to a resource, etc.


Question 5

       Q: How has your walk with God influenced your life?

       A: My walk with God has made my life worth living.

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