Meredith’s Jars of Joy

Meredith’s Jars of Joy

Meredith’s Jars of Joy sent me two of their Classic Month jars, and I am so excited to read one quote every day!
The first quote I read completely changed my thoughts on a challenge I had been facing: 

“Instead of standing on the shore and proving to ourselves that the ocean cannot carry us, let us venture on its waters – just to see.” – Teilhard de Chardin

What a powerful message of hope Meredith Jar’s of Joy is giving to others! 

If you are interested in purchasing a jar, please go to their website

– Pick one quote every morning when you wake up.

 – No picking two or trying again for a better one! Whatever you receive is exactly what you are meant to hear on that specific day, whether you realize it or not.

 – Carry the quote around the entire day. If you can’t figure out what it means in the morning, having it with you while you’re out and about can help you connect it to your life. 

– If one quote specifically speaks to you, tape it or keep it somewhere that you can always reread it again when you need it!

 – They’re a tool to help you grow, but only if you let them! Be open to the advice each quote offers. 

Again, thank you so much to Meredith, and her mother, Pam!

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